Dangerous Goods Services

Training and Compliance from the dangerous goods people

Dangerous Goods Compliance

A full suite of dangerous goods compliance services to ensure your peace of mind 

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DG Training

Training developed to support every aspect of handling dangerous goods.

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DG Consultancy

Consultancy and compliance packages to suit your needs and budget.

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DGSA Services

Hire a DGSA to meet legal requirements and to ensure peace of mind

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Make sure your people are aware and legally qualified to carry out their roles

Any business involved in the movement of dangerous goods must ensure that their people are qualified for both safety and legal compliance. 

Our training sessions and courses have been developed to support every aspect of handling dangerous goods, which we tailor to your business, product and individual requirements.

Our training is usually delivered as part of an ongoing or larger project, and conforms to the requirements of IATA (Air freight), IMDG (Ocean freight) and ADR (Road freight). We arrange refresher courses for ongoing compliance and development, and can also arrange product-specific training.

Benefits and features of our dangerous goods training:

  • peace of mind that staff are legally aware and qualified.

  • training delivered by professionals who continue to work with dangerous goods on a daily basis.

  • tailor made to your product.


Bring in the ‘dangerous goods people’ to review and assist your legal compliance 

We have built a solid reputation as leading providers of dangerous goods consultancy.

As specialists in packing, compliance and the movement of dangerous goods across all modes of transport, we are often referred to as the ‘dangerous goods people’. Whether you require our input on a one-off basis, on a short term basis or as part of an ongoing project, we are able to build a consultancy and compliance package to suit your needs and budget.

Consultancy Services:

  • Dangerous Goods Product Classification
  • Dangerous Goods Reviews
  • Dangerous Goods Project Management
  • Dangerous Goods Planning
  • Dangerous Goods Implementation



Our DGSA and logistics combined ensures complete peace of mind

Since 2000, companies involved in the transport of dangerous goods are legally required to appoint at least one qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

You must have a DGSA if you handle dangerous goods unless :

  • you only do it occasionally, for example breakdown recovery vehicles
  • you’re only receiving the dangerous goods (you’re the ‘consignee’)
  • they’re in ‘limited quantities’
  • you’re moving them a very short distance by road, for example between buildings on an industrial estate
  • you’re using private vehicles

Due to the investment in training, it has become commonplace to outsource the DGSA role to professional organisations. Evolution provide DGSA services according to your requirements, where we differ is we can arrange your packing and national or international movements, therefore assuming overall control and providing you with complete peace of mind.

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