Stuck Container Ship Impacting  Asia Europe Trade

Mar 26, 2021

Stuck Container Ship Impacting Asia Europe Trade, Evolution Forwarding

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The global economy is estimated to be losing £3bn dollars a day due to a containership that has got stuck sideways across the Suez Canal.

Those of us that stalled in the middle of a three point turn, while learning to drive, will remember the feeling of panic as other road users glared on. This captain now has the majority of the European and Asian business world glaring on, as his container ship – Ever Given – has been blocking the Suez Canal since Tuesday and now has over 200 vessels queued behind and ahead of it.

To make matters worse – a number of refloating attempts have failed since the ship lodged itself across the canal and grounded at bow and stern. There are major concerns this could take days, or even weeks, to resolve and shipping lines are starting to consider rerouting ships around Africa – yes the continent of Africa!

We are led to believe that this 224,000 tonne, 400m long, 20,000 container sized ship was driven off course by a ‘gust of wind’, not a hurricane or typhoon, but a ‘gust’. One imagines a gust to be the type of wind that has you leaning over your fence, asking for your neighbour to give your garden umbrella back, not one that can blow a ship this size sideways.

In all seriousness, the impact of this will delay many transit times of vessels en-route to or from Asia, if you are concerned about any shipments, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Our advice to the captain: Don’t worry about who’s watching, put your foot on the clutch, release your handbrake and don’t panic!



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