Over 60 Dangerous Goods Containers Lost Overboard​

Dec 17, 2020

The steamship line Ocean Network Express (ONE) has reportedly confirmed that over 60 containers of dangerous goods were lost overboard in the Pacific Ocean on 30th November.

The vessel ONE OPUS was en-route to Long Beach when a heavy storm caused a container stack collapse and led to around 1,816 containers being lost – the single biggest ever loss overboard.


Photo:Twitter @nobuya0827

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With the vessel positioned near Hawaii, the decision was made to return to the previous port of call at Kobe in Japan. 

Subsequently, the carrier has confirmed that sixty four of the lost containers were carrying dangerous goods. This included 54 containers with Fireworks, 8 containers holding batteries and 2 containers with liquid ethanol. 

The incident itself serves as a good reminder of the need to make sure that goods are insured adequately with cargo insurance. A carrier’s liabilities are limited and it is unlikely that will have to settle any claims for the loss of these containers to the full value of the product.

If you are not sure about the cover  you have in place, then please contact us to discuss further.  


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