Ocean Freight Space Issues From Asia

May 27, 2020

Ocean Freight Space Issues From Asia, Evolution Forwarding

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Ocean freight from Asia is currently suffering with a temporary lack of space following the relaxing of restrictions across Europe, and a subsequent spike in bookings.

Over recent weeks, shipping lines have introduced many blanked voyages to align with global lockdowns and the previously low volumes moving from Asia.  However, with the recent surge in bookings, the demand is currently much higher than the available capacity.

Shipping lines are now rushing to bring vessels, that had previously been dry docked, back in to the schedule to increase the space available once more. Therefore, during the next 2-3 weeks, the market is set for a temporary lack of space, which means there is a high risk of containers being short shipped and rolled over to a later voyage.

Evolution continue to work hard to ensure any of our bookings are shipped on time, although this issue is already starting  to impact many importers around the UK and Europe.


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Ocean Freight Space Issues From Asia, Evolution Forwarding

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