Meet the Team – Katherine Warwick

Jun 17, 2020

This is the third in our meet-the-team series, which we hope you agree is a good way of helping us all remember that this business is all about people.

At Evolution, we recognise the importance of our people and work with them to ensure consistency with our ethos of being ‘easy to do business’ with and being ‘solution led’.


So, the latest member of the team we would like to introduce to you is  – Katherine Warwick.

Katherine works for Evolution in the most important area of any business – our accounts department.

Meet The Team – Katherine the Great, Evolution Forwarding

Being an essential part of a two person team, Katherine gets involved in all aspects of our accounting processes, including being the friendly voice that asks for payments.

While Katherine finds herself enjoying a logistics related role these days, she was formerly a school teacher focusing mainly on helping sixth formers learn and prepare for A levels.

Working for Evolution may seem a completely different path from an educational career, but Katherine’s specialist subject was Maths, so she is now looking after the numbers for us.

We asked Katherine whether she felt she felt more at home working with grown ups on a day to day basis and her short reply was “I’ll let you know when it happens”. She was joking of course, at least we hope she was.

Evolution Forwarding specialise in the packing, documentation, compliance and movement of dangerous goods internationally, our expertise and willingness to get the job done has positioned us second to none in this important area.

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Meet The Team – Katherine the Great, Evolution Forwarding

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Meet The Team – Katherine the Great, Evolution Forwarding

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