Lithium Batteries Transport Warning

Apr 12, 2023

Lithium Batteries Transport Warning, Evolution Forwarding

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) have issued a warning to their members regarding the movement of lithium batteries.

The article entitled ‘Lithium-ion batteries – a threat to transport’ was included in their  ‘BIFAlink’ publication and explained the risks, packing needs and transport limitations when handling this product.

The article stated: “As the demand for lithium-ion batteries continues to increase to meet green-power requirements, the risk of incidents during transportation also increases. The risk of battery failure and potential for catastrophic fires is well-documented, particularly in the aviation sector, but not fully recognised by all transport operators and agents, particularly in other modes”.

“Lithium-ion products may be transported with products or on their own, fully charged or partially charged, new, used or at the end of their usual life, leading to a range of considerations for the transport operator that can be fully assessed when accurate and timely information is received from the consignor”.

“An in-depth understanding of the risks, packing requirements and transport limitations is required by all personnel dealing with requests for the movement of these goods, in addition to those actually handling the goods during transportation, whether by air, road, or sea, and while stored in warehouses”.

The reality is that most freight forwarders are not going to have sufficient training in place, throughout all areas of their business, to handle these products in line with BIFA’s well-made observations. For piece of mind, the movement of this product type, like many other dangerous goods shipments, is better protected through specialists.

Evolution Forwarding specialise in dangerous goods movements, by air, ocean and road. We provide complete solutions, which include packing, documentation, compliance and training for lithium batteries and dangerous goods products.

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