Incorrect Hazardous Labels On UK Police Radar

Jun 29, 2020

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UK Police have recently been cracking down on the incorrect labelling of vehicles carrying dangerous goods on our roads.

There have been a number of roadside checks in the country. The most recent, to our best knowledge, being on the A19 between Yorkshire and the North east.

In that case numerous vehicles were inspected across two days, in an operation shared between Cleveland and North Yorkshire forces. 

UK Police have sent advices to companies where the offences identified required the company concerned to take remedial action.

A police spokesman said “It is important that we work together with neighbouring forces to ensure drivers have the correct documents in place to drive their vehicles whilst carrying hazardous goods”.

“This is to ensure the safety of the drivers and other motorists. Our officers will continue to carry out operations like this to help keep people traveling on our roads as safely as possible”.

Repeatedly breaking laws on the administering of hazardous labels is a serious offence and not declaring dangerous goods could lead to imprisonment.

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