Hydrogen Peroxide Blamed For Killer Blast

Jun 7, 2022

Hydrogen Peroxide Blamed For Killer Blast, Evolution Forwarding

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Hydrogen Peroxide is the suspected cause of a number of blasts in a container depot near Chittagong Port this weekend. The explosions, and the catastrophic fire that followed, has led to over 40 deaths in Bangladesh.

The first explosion was around 9pm on Saturday night, which was followed by further explosions and a fire that continued for over two days and hospitalised over 200 people.

The dangerous product, used to clean surfaces, disinfect tools and dye hair, was loaded in 16 containers at the depot and was expected to be shipped from the port within a few days.

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H 2O2, and is usually rated as a class 5.1, oxidiser and corrosive. While there is no suggestion of negligence, it is hard to imagine how this incident could have happened if all dangerous goods regulations had been followed thoroughly.

This incident follows closely behind the 2020 Beirut blast, where over 200 lives were lost due to negligent handling of ammonium nitrate stored at the Lebanese capital’s port.

Dangerous goods misdeclarations and mishandling issues have become a major global issue and authorities are starting to crackdown on offenders. IATA recently brought in new air cargo legislation for products that carry lithium batteries and ocean freight regulators are expected to step up rules after a series of dangerous goods related ship fires in the past 2 years.

MSC, the world’s largest ocean freight carrier, recently introduced a $15,000 fee per container for any misdeclarations of dangerous goods products on their services.

If you have any doubts about similar related products, Evolution Forwarding specialise in dangerous goods movements, by air, ocean and road. We provide complete solutions for packing, documentation, compliance and training for dangerous goods products.

In the meantime, our heartfelt sympathies go out to the people of Chittagong who have been affected by this catastrophe.



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Hydrogen Peroxide Blamed For Killer Blast, Evolution Forwarding

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Hydrogen Peroxide Blamed For Killer Blast, Evolution Forwarding

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Hydrogen Peroxide Blamed For Killer Blast, Evolution Forwarding

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