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Mar 13, 2020

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In response to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, Evolution would like to inform customers that we are continuing to monitor the situation closely and are following government guidelines. In particular with regards to stepping up hygiene throughout the work place.

Should the need arise, we have the ability to provide quarantined receiving and despatch areas to limit human contact and avoid transmission of the virus. We are also fully prepared with contingency plans for staff to work remotely should there be a need for self-isolation. Therefore, you should witness no changes to our customer service or operational levels.

In general, the virus has had a wide spread impact on the logistics industry,  below is a short summary of the key areas:


Following the outbreak, China is now in recovery and it is estimated that their manufacturing is at 80% of pre new year levels. As they report fewer new cases day by day, regional transport is almost back to normal.

During the original crisis there were numerous cancelled sailings, so while vessels to and from Asia are operating normally in ports, the schedules have been hit and miss. Ports and terminals have reported some backlogs and congestion for import cargo into China.

There are problems with Air freight to and from China as a number of airlines postponed services that are still not operational. As a result space is at a premium and rates are high.


Following Donald trumps decision to ban travelers coming into the US from 26 European countries this week, the air freight market has already reacted.

This market is very reliant on passenger flights for moving cargo and while the UK was not included in the president’s ban, there is the potential that operators will be moving European freight through the UK. The result has been an immediate increase in prices.


The worst affected area has been Italy and while the country is on virtual shutdown, a number of logistics services are still operating.

Our general advice on all international movements is to build in as much lead time as possible, especially for dangerous goods products. If you require further information, or are worried about a specific order, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Evolution Forwarding specialise in the packing, documentation, compliance and movement of dangerous goods internationally, our expertise and willingness to get the job done has positioned us second to none in this important area.

For further information please email info@evolutionforwarding.com or call 0800 4346244.


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