China Crack Down On Dangerous Goods 

Jan 20, 2022

China Crack Down On Dangerous Goods, Evolution Forwarding

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Since introducing new legislation last year, China has been cracking down on imports and exports of dangerous goods. Recent weeks have seen even more stringent checks and at times over zealous applications of the rules.

These additional checks have led to the British International Freight Association (BIFA) issuing a warning to their members, which includes the vast majority of UK international logistics businesses.

In China, the dangerous goods details must be declared on the customs declaration and Chinese customs have been applying strict package controls to dangerous goods, which include those of ‘limited quantity’.  BIFA suggest that even limited quantity shipments are packed in un boxes to avoid delays in clearance.

With stricter controls in place, we at Evolution offer your most sensible route to exporting to China.


Evolution Forwarding specialise in dangerous goods movements, by air, ocean and road. We provide complete solutions, which include packing, documentation, compliance and training for dangerous goods products. For further information please email or call 0800 4346244.


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China Crack Down On Dangerous Goods, Evolution Forwarding

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China Crack Down On Dangerous Goods, Evolution Forwarding

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