All Forwarders Warned To Appoint DGSA

Feb 9, 2023

All Forwarders Warned To Appoint DGSA, Evolution Forwarding

Following recent ADR legislation, all forwarders are legally required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, if they have involvement in the movement of dangerous goods.

This includes ‘office only’ freight forwarders, that don’t physically handle the goods, which was a warning shared by BIFA (the British International Freight Association) in a recent BIFAlink publication.

The 2023 edition of ADR came into force on 1st January, and included a change that now requires parties that only consign dangerous goods, to appoint a DGSA.

BIFA outlined that previously exempted forwarders, who will effectively always be acting as consignors, or on behalf of a consignor, are now brought within the scope of the ADR regulations.

The article also stated “Under the UN system, the consignor is the party that causes the transport to take place. A party can consign on its own behalf, on behalf of another party, or under a contract of carriage”.

“Therefore, from now on, office only freight forwarders who neither pack, mark, label, load/unload, document or carry dangerous goods, but arrange for third parties to do so to their instructions, are responsible for appointing a DGSA (or establishing that a DGSA is in place).”

As part of the Evolution Group, our sister company – DGSA Service & Consultancy Limited – are able to provide this important functionality for you, where our Managing Director – Terry Goldspink – is the lead DGSA. For further information, please visit website

If you are unsure whether the law applies to your involvement with dangerous goods, then please contact us for clarification on 01642 440044 or via

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All Forwarders Warned To Appoint DGSA, Evolution Forwarding

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